Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photographs Help Sell Homes

It’s important to capture your home in a series of flattering photographs since in real estate, the more photos of a listing, the quicker it will sell. At Real Living, we have the ability to post up to 80 photographs per listing. Teresa knows which types of pictures sell a home, and she follows these rules when it comes to listing photographs.

Listing photos showcase the seller’s home. Opening the blinds and turning on all the lights create an illusion of a larger room. Teresa will take photos from unusual perspectives to make your home look its best and most inviting on the Web.

Teresa understands that it’s important to keep family members and pets out of listing pictures. They are distracting to prospective buyers and hinder their impressions of the actual home.

If a seller has valuables, they shouldn’t be in listing photographs. Displaying expensive pieces of artwork or heirlooms can increase a breach of security in a seller’s home.

Rooms need to be clean and void of clutter when photographed. Ceiling fans, televisions and kitchen appliances should to be turned off to eliminate distraction.

Hoses, lawn maintenance tools like rakes and spades, as well as cars and bikes shouldn’t be in outdoor listing photographs. Teresa's goal is to take outdoor photographs on sunny days. Colors will appear more vibrant and the home may look more inviting.

Teresa can help promote your listing through professional photographs, contact her today at 614-565-8161 or

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