Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Design World Says Gray Is 'In'

Gray is the “cool” color this year, and Grandma’s wingback chairs are fashionable again, especially if they are updated with new fabrics. Even the nail heads are back in style.

The interior design world is embracing traditional more enthusiastically than it has since the time between the Great Depression and World War II, say trend watchers.

"Everything has been about a return to tradition and formality," says Michelle Lamb, a Minneapolis-based trend spotter.

Traditional Home magazine reports that the lines between traditional and modern are being blurred, which makes the new traditional look up to date.

Other design trends include:

*Bare wood, including tree stumps used as end tables or stools.
*Light wood finishes that look raw.
*Decorative LED lighting.
*Owls. These big-eyed predators add charm.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, Stacy Downs (01/10/09)

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