Wednesday, January 07, 2009

4 Things to Consider When Picking a Floor Plan

Factors that dictate what floor plan will work best for a home buyer include how old their children are, how they entertain, and whether they have pets, says Jeff Benach, a principal with Lexington Homes in the Chicago area.Here are some issues Benach suggests considering when buying a home:

Mudrooms. A spacious mud-room can make managing a young family’s comings and going much easier. They are also good for pet owners.

Over-sized kitchen/family-room combinations. These rooms work for some people, but they aren’t good for party givers because large spaces are noisy and don’t lend themselves to intense cooking and food staging.

Fireplaces and windows. Filling more than one wall with windows and occupying another with a fireplace makes it difficult to position furniture.

Consider that things change. Designing areas so they can be retooled to meet new and different needs down the road is a smart approach.

Source: Chicago Tribune, Allison E. Beatty (01/02/09)

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