Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finding Furniture Bargains

Here are some ideas to help you search for the best furniture bargains:

Garage Sales
A staple for any bargain hunter's search, garage sales always offer great deals. In general, cash will get you the best deals, along with showing up early or just before closing. If you don't know how to shop them or where to find them, just ask around and you're sure to find a friend or relative who'll show you the ropes.

Flea Markets
If you're a bargaining novice, flea markets can be intimidating places. They're usually held in large, open spaces with many vendors and offer just about anything and everything you can imagine. It's best to take along an experienced friend who can help you haggle for the best prices.

Online Auctions
Not in the mood to go out and search? No problem. In today's society everything's online, including auctions. Do some pricing research before you bid, and search for similar products, noting the bids as well as the asking prices. Pay attention to the condition of products and ask questions before you buy.

Local Estate Sales
Look for these in local newspaper classified sections. Be sure to attend the "Preview Day" to see if you're interested in any of the items. It'll also be your best chance to examine the items up close and ask any questions. You may also have time to research prices and determine how much you're willing to pay.

With a little bargaining and the know-how, you just might end up with that great piece you've always wanted! For more information on how to find furniture bargains, contact your local agent today!

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