Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creating a Backyard Getaway

Consider these tips when creating a backyard getaway.

Foundation- Carefully choose the foundation materials you'll need for a patio or walkway. They should maintain design integrity, but easily assimilate into your natural backyard. A couple of great options are stone and brick. These materials are environmentally friendly, and they maintain a natural feel. Walkways should be designed with a logical flow that allows individuals to get from one area to the next with relative ease. And it's a good idea to map out gardens, lounge areas, pools and gazebos around the natural path of sunlight during the day.

Material- Wood, wicker, plastic, metal – make sure the materials you use are high quality. Invest in outdoor furniture made of woods like teak, mahogany and bamboo. These materials withstand extended exposure to rain and sunlight, and they're eco-friendly products. Consider mesh if you live in a wet climate. It's a great option for lounge chairs because it dries quickly without water damage. If you purchase metal furniture, make sure it's rust-proof.

Landscape- Trees, bushes, flowers, rock gardens, waterfalls and ponds — there are endless possibilities when it comes to landscaping your oasis. If shade is important, take into consideration the path of the sun as well as natural foliage. If you want a pool, build it away from trees that shed leaves, pollen and branches. These elements clog filters and create a maintenance nightmare. You want your yard to be a good mixture of sun and shade. Lastly, it's important to provide a barrier between your backyard getaway and the rest of the world. A great way to seclude your yard from the street is through the use of high hedges or a fence.

Remember, your backyard getaway should be a relaxing retreat in nature from the rest of the world.

For more tips on creating the perfect backyard getaway, contact your agent today!

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