Monday, February 25, 2008

New Home Trends

With the start of each new year typically comes the emergence of new trends for your home. If you are planning on redecorating or selling your home in 2008, it is important to stay up to date on the trends potential buyers will be looking for. With this in mind, here are some 2008 trends for your home.

Color is the biggest selling point for your home this year. This year, colors are more muted and natural than highly saturated and bright. The dining room is where you entertain friends, share the holidays with family and celebrate the big and little events in your life. So, when it comes to color, you want a warm and cozy yet energetic feel. Choose a softer hue and then, if you choose, incorporate brighter colors with accents.

This year, inject new life into living rooms by bringing your color and d├ęcor up to date. Living rooms in 2008 are all about adding something unexpected like an accent wall or cushion, rug and other accessories. There are many ways to update your living room. Choose a style that fits your personality.

Floor lamp lighting is out for 2008. This year it is all about natural light. If your home lacks natural light, consider installing recessed lighting or new sconces so a potential buyer won't struggle in trying to figure out how to brighten up the space. This will really open up space and upgrade your home. Change out old light bulbs and use halogen bulbs, they give a cleaner more modern look to any home.

Hardwood floors are still a great option for a 2008 home. REALTORS® agree that most buyers are hunting for hardwood floors. They have the longest life and are not predicted to go out of style. If you can't afford hardwood, go for a synthetic like Pergo, it won't look exactly the same and some buyers may notice a difference, but it is your best bet for a look that is similar.

Whether you are buying, selling or just looking in 2008, be on top of the trends for your home. If you are ready to put your home on the market, remember to contact me; I can offer maximum exposure for your home using Web sites, direct mail and other marketing tools.

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