Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Selling Your Home During the Holiday Season

The holidays are here, and the only gift you want is a "sold" sign in your front yard. In past years, it's been difficult to sell a home during the winter months. It's an extremely busy time of year, any an expensive one at that. However, selling your home during the holiday season doesn't have to be hard.
If you're determined to sell your home this holiday season, consider these tips.

Create curb appeal. Clear your driveway, walkways and stairs of snow and ice. Spruce up the front door with a wreath and a holiday welcome mat. Decorate the outside of the house with a few holiday lights. You can also put candles in your windows. However, remember to decorate tastefully; a little goes a long way when it comes to decorating.

Appear welcoming. Turn on the porch or garage light in the evening, as if you're expecting guests. Keep the house warm and toasty. It will be much appreciated by visitors during these cold months. Light your fireplace (if you have one) to create a cozy feeling. Want a more friendly touch? Bake cookies! Your home will smell delicious, and you'll have wonderful treats on hand. Not into baking? Put a drop of vanilla extract on a cookie sheet and place in the oven a few minutes before guests arrive; it will have the same effect as baking.

Don't go overboard. Decorate the interior with a few holiday trinkets, but be careful not to overwhelm potential buyers. They need to see beyond these decorations that will only stay up one month of the year. Buyers will appreciate your holiday spirit, but are also interested in the look of your home as it will appear year round.

Keep in close contact with me, your real estate agent. You don't want to have a showing in the middle of entertaining friends and family. Make sure that I'm aware of your schedule and alert me as soon as possible if something comes up.

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