Monday, November 05, 2007

7 Tips for Prepping the Pool for Winter

If you have a house in a cold climate that has a swimming pool, then make sure you get it ready for winter. Anywhere the temperatures dip near or below 32 degrees, pools and spas should be winterized by cleaning and treating the water and protecting the equipment from freezing, according to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

Here are some tips:

1. Clean the water.

Vacuum the water thoroughly making sure the waste-water is going to the appropriate place. Set the filter on the waste position, or set the vacuum to filter only.

2. Test the water.

Either balance normally or treat with the proper amount of special winterizing chemicals.

3. Reduce the water levels.

Most types of pools require low-water levels for winter. But don’t go too low. Hydrostatic pressure can destroy a drained concrete pool. If you are in doubt, leave the pool full.

4. Protect the pipes.

Drain and blow water out of all pipes and fill them with antifreeze. That includes the skimmer and main drain lines, return lines, and lines to solar heaters, cleaners, chlorinators, and other accessories. The pump, filter, and heater should also be drained.

5. Drain the values.

Be sure values below the water level are sealed securely. If they can’t be drained, they have to be sealed with heat tape.6. Clean the filters. Also, remove the drain plugs from the pumps.

7. Turn out the lights.

Remove pool lights from their niches if less than 18 inches of water is over them. Also, turn off the breaker or make sure the fuse is removed.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, Alan J. Heavens (11/02/07)

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