Thursday, September 06, 2007

Homebuying Blunders

Here are some of the most common buyer mistakes- and how to avoid them:

Not doing your homework.

It sounds simple, but there are times when people don't take advantage of resources like the Internet. When deciding to make a purchase as important as buying a home, you have to do your research. With the wealth of information available today, make sure that you prepare before talking to an agent.

Not choosing the right location.

You've heard it before: location matters. But there are times when buyers don't put enough consideration into this vital home-buying factor. In order to find the right place, you need to prioritize what you want in a new location. Are you looking for a short commute to work, nearby restaurants and shops or the best schools in the area? Be sure to have your priorities laid out before you begin your search.

Not looking at the big picture.

Too often, home buyers get caught up in one feature or amenity that a particular home offers. But you need to think big picture and always consider everything — especially livability. For example, if the curb appeal looks great, but the home's layout doesn't really fit your needs, you should continue looking.

Not being patient.

Buying a home is a huge decision, and it shouldn't be made hastily. Being impatient can possibly lead to making a decision you'll later regret. Be sure to take as much time as you need — that way you'll know you're getting what you really want.

While these aren't all the mistakes home buyers make, they should provide some guidance as you transition from summer and start exploring your home-buying options.

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