Thursday, August 02, 2007

Exterior Paint Tips

Summer is an excellent time for clients to paint their homes. The hot weather ensures faster drying times and minimizes weather-related complications and delays. Here are some good tips for your customers:

Inspect the exterior.
Before painting, check for bad patches, stains or rot. Damaged wood siding or trim could indicate water damage. Repair the damage and find the problem's source. It could be a small roof leak, or poorly sealed surface or joint somewhere in the structure. You can't fix problems by painting them.

Pick the right color.
A home's color can influence its property value, as well as the neighbors'. Go with shades of white, gray, beige or tan, and limit any stronger colors to shutters, trim and other features. (Keep them complementary.) Moreover, the home's style, local code and association covenants, conditions and restrictions can dictate the color palette.

Test some samples.
Before diving in, apply some test patches of various shades to less conspicuous parts of the home. See how they look after they dry. See which colors best complement one another, and how they look against the other colors in the yard and in the neighborhood.
Interview contractors. Ask neighbors with recently painted homes for referrals. Get quotes from multiple contractors and ask them for referral customers, as well. Ensure contractors are properly insured and licensed.

Get a group discount.
Canvas the neighborhood for other homeowners who want to repaint their homes. Pooling together creates bargaining power that will attract painters and force them to offer group discounts. Besides, clients can share ideas and make new friends.

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