Thursday, August 23, 2007

Add Some Color to Your Life
Below are some tips on how to use color to help accessorize any room in your home!

Tips for using colors:

Painting a ceiling will drastically energize a room without disrupting the room's other elements. Different colors can be used to create a specific feeling in a room. For example, pink will add a sense of surprise or warmth, and blue can give an outdoor feel to a room. For a very dramatic approach, use gold or silver.
In a bedroom, a colorful quilt will add character. If you want an artistic effect, stretch the quilt over a canvas and hang it on a wall for instant color and pattern.

In contrast to painting a ceiling, try painting the floor for some color adventure. Try French blue, dark green, red or yes, even black! A painted floor can add dimension to a room. If you're feeling adventurous, stencil a border or pattern in a dark shade or complementary color.

A neutral room with one strong color will make the room stand out. Pick one bold color such as a vibrant red or hot orange. From there, you can accessorize with throw pillows, vases or ceramic bowls or a stack of fabric-colored boxes. These items will help tie in and highlight the bold color.

Be creative! In a modern, all-white room, try painting just one wall a strong color. This will add dimension to the room.

Colored accessories such as lamp shades can be custom-made in almost any fabric or color imaginable — just use your imagination!
Rugs, artwork and furniture:

Painted furniture can give a playful touch of color to a room. This can even be done on a budget by shopping for a piece of furniture at a thrift store, and dressing it up with a lively wash of color!

Rugs are a simple way to introduce color into a room by adding depth and drama to a neutral setting — without overwhelming.

Reframe a painting or print with a color mat that matches one of the artwork's dominant colors to make the piece stand out.

Add a lively-colored slipcover to a sofa or chair for some additional character. Checks or bold stripes in crisp and clean colors are a fun contrast. Slipcovers are a good option for a less permanent color decision, allowing for plenty of experimentation.

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