Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look inside your garage

Your garage door gives your house personality. Not only does it have curb appeal, it also adds value to your home. There are dozens of styles available. You can buy a pre-made door or customize your own!

.The carriage house style gives a traditional horse and buggy feel to your home, with swinging doors. It looks fantastic on older, more traditional houses.

.You may also try an English manor style. These beautiful doors give the illusion of sliding doors of the past, yet they open like a regular overhead door.

.Do you have a new, chic home or need an update? Modern, aluminum styles are very trendy right now. The panels can be tinted, frosted or mirrored glass.

You can even get a customized entry door to match your garage door. Who knew?!Remember, the more fab you add, the pricier the door becomes.

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