Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Look inside your closet

Your closet doesn't have to be dreaded. Here are some tips for organizing it:

.Take everything out of the closet, and decide what you will wear again. Donate everything else.

.Divide your clothes into seasons. Only keep things that you can wear now hanging in front. Put formal wear together.

.Divide your shoes into seasons, and pack the ones you're not wearing. Throw out old shoeboxes, and invest in a two-tier rack.

.Choose metal shelves, rods, wooden shelves, drawers and/or plastic bins to organize your closet.

.Buy a special hanger for belts, ties and scarves.

.Fold everything that can be put into drawers and on shelves.

.Hang blazers, shirts and blouses on the top rod, and put pants and skirts on the bottom.

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