Monday, March 12, 2007

New Home Trends

What's In For ...

Your Kitchen

A versatile, upscale kitchen with a large island and sitting area that can serve as a cooking station and entertaining area is in high demand. Cover the island with slab surfaces — granite, stone, concrete, limestone, soapstone and marble are popular choices. When it comes to appliances, stainless steel and white are still in, but black fixtures are outdated.

Your Basement

Upscale, finished basements with high ceilings are popular because the added square footage can increase the value of your home. Today, homebuilders are creating basements with 9-foot ceilings to make room for home theater systems, which are also hot on the market.

Your Garage

Lots of cabinets and storage space, residential flooring and a refrigerator are musts for garages these days! Hidden and even underground garages are becoming popular, giving homeowners more space for extra rooms, back yards or swimming pools.

What's Out For ...

Your Home

Selling your home "as is" is out. If you aren't ready for major home renovations, little changes can help. Coordinate fixtures throughout your home, paint the walls with warm colors, make an inviting entryway or clean-up the yard. Buyer incentives are also out. Gimmicks only confuse buyers. If you want to give an incentive, deduct the cost of your freebie from your asking price.

Tim Carr, architect and consultant with Timothy Walton Carr Consulting, contributed to this article.

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